Michael Born

Born 1964, most time living in Hamburg, Germany.

Is a telecomunications-engeneer - working with electronics and computer for more than 30 years.

1978 first touch with computer and first programs on PET2001, later on homemade Z80-System and CP/M.

1984–1990 Education and work within SIEMENS - main time on Hamburg-Airport supporting the Lufthansa "LIFTNET" and "START/Amadeus" Computer-Network.

1987 first own server in internet - within the "UUCP" (Store and Forward) Times.

1990–2000 Field engeneer for midrange-computing and networking, mainly around HP-Systems - HP-UX, MPE, HP3000/HP9000 Series and Cisco Router Equipment. Also developing and producing Microcontroller-Devices and Memory-Modules within the same company during this time.

2000–2004 Technical manager within a local datacenter/internet-provider in Hamburg. Network design, lots of Cisco-Stuff, Routing BGP/OSPF, Failover-solutions. Clients like "mobile.de" (now: eBay) and "Xing".

2004–today: miborn solutions, S.L. Barcelona.

providing technical consulting and programming to different projects. Client ranges from local internet-startups, up to Telecomunication-Providers like the Deutsche Telekom. Most programming done in C and Perl. Also PHP in cases where necesary. Web projects are realized in Typo3, WordPress or plain HTML.

Offering hosting-solutions based upon the datacenter in Hamburg where worked before. High quality connections and very reliable cluster for internet-servers. Also managing the servers, taking over the "hostmaster"-role of many machines/VPSes.

own project: miServer - iPhone App. - A system to monitor a web-site. Easy to use, also for non-tech-people. Informs about the status of an internet-presence and even gives alarms, when something wrong.