Michael Born, Technical Consulting

I am offering individual service and support in the field of IT, security, server management and system-development. In particular in UNIX/Linux-environments, electronics and microcontrollers.

You can hire me for most server-related issues: Solving problems, installing or migrating things or even maintaining your server-environmet on a long term base.

As a thoroughbred technician and system-operator, I have been involved in long term projects, developing software as consultant for large corporations, or shorter assignments for solving specific and complex problems.

Technical Consulting

Throughout my career I covered a wide range of technologies in hardware, computing and networking. Having the opportunity to dig deep into various, different technological fields has given me some special view about technical issues over all the time.
I help you to technically realize what you have in mind. I listen to you, come back with a few questions and then try to find a solution. Maybe create a "Proof of Concept", design a platform or just create some digital workflow that makes things easier to you.

Server work

As senior-BOFH, I take care of your servers. Monitoring the machines or virtual boxes, doing all maintenance-work and keep the system up-to-date. I relieve you from the administrative tasks. If you start a new project, I can do all installation and initial configuration of the system. And I'll later be your contact whenever you need to change or expand things. All server that I design and set up are hand-crafted individually. I don't work with ready-made templates or clicky-dicky controll-panel systems. Name me old-fashioned, but I prefer to create clean and slim configurations on my own wherever possible. Simple, clear and manageable.


You have a weird problem? Really strange? Helping you to solve this, is what I love most. The more complex, the better. Being the digital detective ... Tracking down the problem and providing a solid solution for you. Of course, simple problems are also welcome. Maybe you have a performance-issue with your server or database... or something just doesn't work as it should. Let me check, analyze and fix if I can. (or at least: explain you, what's really wrong). Just ask.


Security has always been a special passion for me. Thinking outside the box. Finding ways, where are no ways. Always having the eyes open to what is possible - especially when things are declared as impossible. For me, this nature results in a sane paranoia when it comes to data-security and influences me in all my magic. Keeping the systems secure, making use of security-features. Watching out for what's happening in the security-world and quickly applying patches or other means when some issue is hot. I also help you with your individual security-issues. Discuss the situation, explain you my view, and assist you improving your data-protection. All situations are very individual. I can assist in system-protection, firewall-setups, VPNs and internal VoIP solutions.

I offer contractual work on a wide range of tasks

  • Serverwork: Installation and configuration of specific components on existing server
  • Serverwork: Troubleshooting of a specific problem
  • Serverwork: Individual, complete first-time server-installation including technical counseling, design, installation and documentation until hand-over of keys.
  • Data-Conversion. Analyzing source-data and destination-needs. Performing one-time conversions of a data-pool or writing a converter that can be included into a given data-stream
  • Scripting / Programming on Unix System-Level and Web/Application-environment, typically in C, Perl or even Shell-script. Tools, data-movement, cron-jobs. Standalone - or in form of individual plugins or extensions to existing software
  • Hardware/Electronics/Microcontroller Design and realization of Hard- and Software for microcontroller based solutions. Today mainly based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi. From technical counseling, prototype, up to production of small series


Confidentiality both in terms of projects and clients comes with the service.
So, I don't even ask to use a project for reference.
But here below a list of topics and technologies I work with currently or did in the past.

  • Maintenance and administration of different Web-Platforms Linux, Apache, SQL, and more. Checking Servers, optimizing, monitoring of different Web- and eCommerce-Sites. Also assisting in adaptation and configuration of standard-software to personal needs.
  • Datacenter-Assistance: Design, Routing, Switching, BGP, OSPF, STP, HA and more.
  • Development on Arduino and Raspberry Pi - based systems, sector security, surveillance, access-control.
  • Development of a system to automatically configure hardware-devices in a roll-out process and service-field later.
  • miServer - iPhone App. - An app to monitor the internet-presence of one's site. For non-techies/businessmen. (Project End of Life. See old Web)
  • Transformation of old, outdated web-shop on early os-commerce base to an actual system
  • Creation of different sites under TYPO3 CMS, Implementing design, optimizing performance.
  • Development of datastream/protocol-converter for proprietary interfaces. Hardware-design/PCB and Software. Managing production.
  • Development of memory-modules for some specific computer-system. Analyzing, Design, PCB-Layout, prototypes and production.
  • Cleanup and documentation of a messy network-environment in a big company with many locations. Analyzing the actual structure with own scripts and handmade tools. Automatic generation of the real network-plan, planning and executing the big "clean-up".
  • Troubleshooting and fixing of weird hang-up problems in big company using special VoIP Hardware/Callmanager.


My background in Internet goes back to the times where it still was store & forward... and where we used acoustic-couplers to transfer the data. Big computers still had less resources than some wristwatches today. My way went from old ZX-81 construction set, some CP/M and MS-DOS experience on first PC-Style computers, and then the first Unix-System... A version-7 for 80286-pc computers. I stayed with the *IX-style systems... never left the path... (Except a little escapade into the Novell-networks. Still have my 4-Digit CNE ;) But followed by many, many *IXes. SCO, HP-UX, Solaris/SunOS, FreeBSD, Linux.

I had a vocational training as an electronics engineer for telecommunication-systems at Siemens while this all began. That perfectly combined with my interest on digital world and computers. So, I worked many years as system-engineer and field-technician for UNIX - mainly HP-UX computers... And in parallel, I designed and produced (third-party) memory-modules and different interface-boxes for exactly these systems.

I also did a lot programming in system-environment. C, Assembler, Perl, Shell, and quite some microcontrollers.

Feel free to contact me

Please explain your issue and tell me how I can come back to you.

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